Ford Fiesta R5 MKII - Corner Rally Lamp Pods

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Ford Fiesta R5 MKII - Corner Rally Lamp Pods

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Designed to fit Fiesta R5 MKII rally cars, the Triple-R Lights' Corner Rally Pods utilise our Linear-6 Elite high-performance LED spotlights pre-mounted within lightweight and aerodynamic Glass & Carbon-fibre composite pods. Carefully selected for their superior light output and low-profile design, the light output from the corner pods delivers short to mid-range corner lighting which compliments perfectly the long-range illumination provided by our 4-Way Bonnet Pods.

With each pod weighing 0.85kg, this is a corner lighting solution which delivers weight saving gains over traditional systems, while simultaneously delivering lighting performance unrivalled considering the lamps’ size and low power consumption. Moreover, the products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the UK to the most exacting standards, and benefit from input received from the very highest levels of professional rally motorsport.

Each lamp utilises a combination of highly efficient 3W LEDs which delivers 4,050 lumens and 1 lux to over 280m, impressive performance considering each lamp only requires 42W. Carefully selected LEDs, with a colour temperature of 5000k to match our bonnet pod solutions, provide maximum sharpness and definition of the road and objects ahead. E-mark certification on the lamps, coupled with the pods themselves being manufactured from carbon-fibre with glass laminate layers, ensure compliance with most FIA regulated series.

A fine-adjustment mechanism allows for quick and easy vertical adjustment of the lights +/-5deg alongside +/-5deg inboard/outboard adjustment permitting more left/right spread of light.







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Ford Fiesta R5 MKII - Corner Rally Lamp Pods

Pre-mounted Linear-6 Elite high-performance driving lights

Ultra-lightweight carbon-fibre with glass laminate corner pods

Optimised for Fiesta R5 MKII 

Compatible with 2-Way and 4-Way Rally Lamp Pods

Road-legal in accordance with FIA regulations (for some rally series)

Low profile design for improved aerodynamic performance

Fine adjustment mechanisms

Bumper fixtures not included

Carefully selected LED colour temperature maximises sharpness and definition

Electronic thermal management

 ‘Unbreakable’ polycarbonate lens

IP67 watertight

5-year warranty

Designed & manufactured in Britain

Technical Specifications

Based on: 1x Linear-6 Elite LED Lamp.

Voltage Range (DC) 10-32V
LED Life 50,000 hours
Weight 495 gr
Total Luminous Flux 4050 Lm
Total Driver 'FOV' Flux † 2884 Lm
Colour Temperature 5000K
Number of High Output LEDs 12
Power Consumption 42 Watts
Current Draw (at 14.4V) 2.9 Amps
Horizontal Beam Angle 64 degrees
0.25 lx Line 563 metres
0.5 lx Line 398 metres
1 lx Line 282 metres
3 lx Line 163 metres

† Driver FOV flux is a measure of effective lumens taking consideration of the amount of light in a driver's 'field-of-view' defined as an area +/- 45o left/right, and +/- 10o up/down. For more information – click here.

What's Included
  • 1x Left Hand Corner Pod (Linear-6 Elite pre-mounted)
  • 1x Right Hand Corner Pod (Linear-6 Elite pre-mounted)


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